Dudley smoker grill for rent in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dudley smoker grill for rent in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dudley’s Pit is a large smoker/grill offered at smokerrental.com. This pit has triple stacked, sliding shelves for easy access to food. This is a traditional smoking barbecue pit that cooks with wood and charcoal. Use the double-doored firebox for even, indirect heating. This bbq pit is large and can smoke 25-30 briskets at a time. Chicken, turkey and ribs will also smoke exceptionally well in this smoker grill. Take this smoker pit to your next bbq cook-off and impress the judges with crazy good smoked barbeque.

This barbecue smoker pit also doubles as a traditional grill. The 2 large charcoal trays are located under the grate. Fill the trays with charcoal and enjoy direct grilling on a spacious cooking surface. Serve a huge spread of grilled food including hamburgers, hotdogs, chops, steak, veggies and much, much more.

This smoker/grill will be the grill of choice for up to the largest parties and events. It will satisfy the larger appetites!

  • Pit has 30 square feet of smoking surface and 12 square feet of grilling surface.
  • Pit is equipped with a side burner for other cooking needs including beans, chili, corn and stews.
  • Pit includes double baskets to store your grilling equipment and supplies.
  • Cooking wood can be stored under the cooking chamber. Recommended wood includes Pecan, Hickory, and Mesquite.

*This smoker/grill has a weekend rental rate of $275.00 a weekend