Miss Verna Smoker Grill for Rent in Dallas/Fort Worth

Miss Verna Smoker Grill for Rent in Dallas/Fort Worth

Ms. Verna will provide generous cooking space for all your grilling/smoking needs. This barbecue pit has triple sliding shelves for easy access to food. This is a traditional smoker pit that cooks with wood and charcoal. Use the center double door firebox for even, indirect heating throughout the grill. This smoker/grill is capable of smoking 25-30 briskets at a time. This pit will also smoke scrumptious chicken, ribs, turkeys and much more.

This bbq pit can also double as a traditional grill. Just fill the two large trays with charcoal and enjoy direct heat as you grill your specialties. This grill will provide enough space for you to generously feed any group of people. This smoker/grill would be great for cook-offs among many, many other things.

  • Pit has 12 square feet of grilling space and 30 square feet of smoking surface.
  • Pit is equipped with a side burner for other cooking needs including beans, chili, and vegetables.
  • Pit includes double baskets to store your grilling equipment and supplies.
  • Cooking wood can be stored under the cooking chamber. Recommended wood for smoking includes Pecan, Hickory, and Mesquite.

*This smoker/grill has a weekend rate of $275.00.